Time for tax day rally 2014!

It has been a few years since our friends in the Albuquerque Tea Party and other Tea Party groups around New Mexico put together the tax-day rallies attended by thousands of New Mexicans. Those rallies have had an impact and have forced politicians in Washington and here in New Mexico to pay attention to issues of limited government. The Albuquerque Tea Party is planning a major April 15 “Tax Day” rally this year and I’ve been invited to speak to rally the troops. In formation on the Albuquerque rally follows:

At this point I don’t have information on Tea Party activities throughout the rest of New Mexico, but you can check here for contact information for Tea Party groups in your community. Of course, I’m sure I speak for the Albuquerque Tea Party in saying that you are welcome to visit the Duke City on April 15.

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    1. Andrew Dawson, you are a foolish man. Obama is putting everything in place to make it like the old Soviet Union. And I can tell you this is not what you want.

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