Time to competitively contract ABQ trash collection

In case you haven’t seen it yet, KOB TV has an excellent story on the shenanigans taking place among our city trash collectors:

First, kudos to Mayor Berry for having the guts to do this investigation. However, as we have previously mentioned, the City of Albuquerque could save significant taxpayer resources by contracting out solid waste collection to a private company. Rather than simply doing this, the City should solicit competitive bids from public and private entities and go with the best, lowest-cost option in a process called “competitive sourcing.”

If a private company or government workers operating under a contract were misbehaving, the taxpayers and customers would not be the one paying the bill.

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2 Replies to “Time to competitively contract ABQ trash collection”

  1. Okay, so city trash collectors are engaging in shenanigans. To whom would City of ABQ outsource? Waste Management is Mafia-owned out of NJ. Is there any other company that could do the job for less and be an honest company?

    What are the options?

    1. Waste Management is one. BFI is another. There are dozens of companies. Don’t know if they operate here, but there are plenty of options.

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