Time to end federal ethanol debacle, stop NM efforts to adopt “clean” fuel standard

The following is a Twitter thread from a crop scientist who also describes herself as an ex-farmworker and lists her pronouns in her Twitter bio (not likely conservative).

It is relevant because there are some very real issues going on in the global economy with regard to fertilizer and fuel prices. The statements below are relevant for multiple reasons.

  1. The Biden Administration JUST announced that it is allowing an INCREASE in ethanol usage in an attempt to bring gas prices down. Ironically, as the article points out, ethanol, which is supposedly used because it is “clean” is “usually prohibited between June 1 and Sept. 15 because of concerns that it adds to smog in high temperatures.”
  2. The Legislature for two years running has narrowly defeated a “clean fuel standard” bill which would mandate increased usage of ethanol  as touted in this opinion piece by several leaders in the Lujan Grisham Administration.

It is time to abolish the federal ethanol program and STOP any new mandates like the ones being discussed in New Mexico.

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3 Replies to “Time to end federal ethanol debacle, stop NM efforts to adopt “clean” fuel standard”

  1. The only way to end ethanol may be to abolish the Electoral College — so that no presidential candidate will ever again set foot in Iowa.

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