Tipping Point 307: CD 1 Election Results Analysis, NM All Turquoise, MLG Announces for Reelection, Student Athletes and Masks

On this week’s podcasts discussion, Wally and Paul talk about Mark Moores getting clobbered 63% to 33% in the Congressional District 1 race; What went wrong? What does it mean? What does it mean for redistricting?

Paul gives “props” to Mayor Tim Keller for vetoing Albuquerque’s gas tax;

On COVID 19, all New Mexico counties are now in turquoise.

An Albuquerque Journal sports reporter had an important article over the weekend on Gov. Lujan Grisham’s ongoing policy of demanding athletes wear masks in New Mexico.

In continuing the sports theme, golfer Jon Rahm was forced to withdraw from the Memorial golf tournament over the weekend due to a positive COVID test and despite having no symptoms. Rahm was leading by a robust 6 strokes.

Paul provides a brief update on the ongoing CYFD story; Thankfully Fauci didn’t delete emails like MLG has been.

With half of all US states (all of them GOP-led) rejecting “$300 supplemental” unemployment benefits, the Federal Reserve indicates the policy is likely to get people back to work.

The La Luz trail race is forced to cease. This makes radical environmentalists happy.

Craziness ensues at two local campaign events. Mayoral candidate Manny Gonzales’ event was disrupted by a drone outfitted with a sex toy followed by a physical attack. Gov. MLG (at her campaign launch) suffered taunts and protests. She then called her opponents lizard people & Q’Anon.

UPDATE: The Youtube video of the following podcast was removed by Youtube. We are unsure WHAT precipitated this action, but we believe it MAY have been the result of our discussion of Dr. Fauci’s changing views on masks during the pandemic OR it could be something else. Thus, the audio is below:

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One Reply to “Tipping Point 307: CD 1 Election Results Analysis, NM All Turquoise, MLG Announces for Reelection, Student Athletes and Masks”

  1. It appears that the RGF’s video has been banned from YouTube for some politically incorrect statement. Welcome to the club! I was able to watch the video at tippingpointnm.com

    Regarding the congressional election, currently the Dems have a 19 point registration advantage over the Republicans in CD 1 and a 21 point advantage in CD 3. In the southern CD 3, it is tied 38-38. Expect that to change in favor of the Dems after redistricting.

    Finally, when I tried to do internet research on Melanie Stansbury before the election, I could find no information. Clearly, her internet history has been scrubbed. That’s the same tactic which the Dems used with the looney tunes witness in the Brett Cavanaugh confirmation hearing. Perhaps future Republican candidates should consider doing the same.

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