Tipping Point New Mexico Episode 159: Daniel Suhr – Liberty Justice Center

On this week’s podcast, Paul talks to Daniel Suhr, an attorney with the Liberty Justice Center. 

LJC is a non-profit law firm that litigates against governments for overreach. They successfully represented Mark Janus at the US Supreme Court and won “Right to Work” (the ability to work for their employer without paying union dues or fees) for all government employees throughout the United States. Paul and Daniel discuss this decision and its future ramifications including cases the LJC is bringing around the country.

Then, Paul and Daniel discuss the Rio Grande Foundation’s suit against New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver.  The new suit involves free speech and efforts by organizations like the Rio Grande Foundation to engage in it without being unduly hindered and regulated. It is in some ways similar to the Foundation’s ongoing suit against the City of Santa Fe.

Daniel Suhr Photo