Tipping Point New Mexico Episode 193: Corey DeAngelis Discusses School Choice

On this week’s interview podcast, Paul talks to Corey DeAngelis. Corey is Director of School Choice at Reason Foundation. Corey is also prolific in the field of writing about and discussing the issue of school choice both in an academic context as well as on social media. Corey is especially active on Twitter and Facebook.

Corey and Paul discuss various choice options and how the pandemic situation has made us all homeschoolers while also giving virtual learning a shot in the arm. The two discuss how education SHOULD be funded in a sensible world and numerous other public policy issues in K-12.

You can listen to the show below:

You can watch a video recording done by the Cato Institute here:

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  1. I attended Albuquerque Public Schools. Emerson elementary and Van Buren junior high school. I think EDUCATION dollars must follow STUDENTS not DISTRICTS.

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