Tipping Point New Mexico Episode 200 Special Session Announced, Timing and Amount of Cuts, Oil and Tourism Outlook

On this week’s discussion podcast Paul and Wally acknowledge and appreciate the soldiers who have fought for the United States and died in battle. In part due to the relative lack of options this particular holiday, Paul and Wally record the podcast on Memorial Day itself.

As has become tradition in recent months the two offer the latest updates on COVID 19 starting with the fact that New Mexico’s special session is now scheduled for June 18. The Gov. seems to think the State is in great shape due to the existence of a “rainy day fund” totaling about $1.7 billion, but Wally and Paul beg to differ.

Also, an NM In Depth story asserts that public schools may avert deep cuts (at least in the June session). Paul believes the Gov. is waiting until after the November election to make the tough decisions.

New Mexico is among the strictest US states when it comes to being locked down according to a report from Wallethub.

A recent report from the Wall Street Journal argues that the Coronavirus slowdown and drop in oil prices threatens the shale boom for years. Wally is more hopeful.

Paul discusses candidates of both parties in the ongoing primary elections who have and haven’t signed the Rio Grande Foundation’s pledge not to raise taxes.

Finally, in a scary story that has the support of the Gov., New Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism says that New Mexico may potentially not have meetings of 100+ people for a year or 18 months. This would mean the cancellation of many events that make New Mexico so unique including the Balloon Fiesta not just for this year but for two years, not to mention sports, weddings, the State Fair, and many more.