Tipping Point New Mexico episode 256: Homeschooling in New Mexico in the Era of COVID-19

On this very special interview episode, Paul sits down with his wife Krista and 10-year-old (5th-grade) daughter Grace. This isn’t just Paul showing off his family, rather, they have a serious conversation about homeschooling in New Mexico. With the onset of COVID-19, the Gessing family had some very serious questions to answer about educating their children. In the end, that meant homeschooling.

Krista outlines some of the important decisions the family made along with any requirements from the State of New Mexico. Grace shares her perspective on suddenly moving into a homeschool environment including her likes and dislikes about both types of schooling.

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One Reply to “Tipping Point New Mexico episode 256: Homeschooling in New Mexico in the Era of COVID-19”

  1. Thank you. So informative with great ideas. You speak of the unfilled gaps in children’s education which is nothing new just highly exaggerated during covid. Sal Khan’s methods fall in line with your ability to pause a course or concept until it is mastered and not until then move forward so those gaps do not occur and compound. I see school in the future to be a mix that will more fall in line with the student’s specific learning styles and rates. This truly is the silver lining in the covid lockout for education if parents and their students will embrace the importance of it and what education methods are being developed as a result of it.

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