Tipping Point New Mexico episode 258: Dr. Deane Waldman – The Response to COVID-19 and How to Improve U.S. Healthcare System

On this week’s interview, Paul has a wide-ranging discussion on health care issues with Dr. Deane Waldman. Deane is a retired pediatric cardiologist and is an MBA as well. During the first half of the show, he and Paul discuss the response to COVID-19 in the United States and New Mexico. With a background in pathology, Deane has a great deal of information to share about the Virus and its impacts.

In the second part of the show, Dr. Deane and Paul discuss Joe Biden’s plans for American health care, most notably Medicare for All, more broadly speaking. What will Biden’s policies do to American health care if adopted? Be sure to tune in to this fascinating and informative episode.

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