Tipping Point New Mexico episode 299: Unemployment Benefits Slow Return to Work and more

On this week’s podcast conversation, Paul and Wally discuss the latest revisions MLG has made to her emergency orders.

While nearly all counties are in Turquoise, Chaves County remains in the yellow for some hard-to-understand reason.

The disappointing national jobs report and rise in unemployment appears to have been caused by President Biden’s overly-generous extended unemployment benefits.

New Mexico’s unemployment rate is 8.3% which is the third-highest in the nation, but businesses are having real issues finding workers. To her credit, Gov. Lujan Grisham has reinstated a requirement that those on unemployment actually search for a job as a condition of receiving unemployment benefits. But, Montana and South Carolina are really tackling the issue by eliminating the added unemployment benefits. Montana is giving workers a bonus after they keep a job for 4 weeks. 

New Mexico oil and gas royalties set a monthly record on STATE lands.

According to a Bloomberg piece, the US will need a lot of land for Biden’s zero-carbon economy. Already government policies vastly inflate the amount of land needed for energy production.

In a shorter (10 minutes) adendum podcast Larry Behrens is head of Power the Future New Mexico. Paul and Larry discuss Gov. Lujan Grisham’s planned ozone restrictions which target the oil and gas industry in NM.