Tipping Point New Mexico episode 362: Jennifer Rivera of Estancia Valley Classical Academy

On this week’s podcast conversation, Paul sits down with Jennifer Rivera, MA Ed. Jennifer is the Executive Director of Estancia Valley Classical Academy which is part of Hillsdale College’s Barney Charter School Initiative. Jennifer is a return guest and we discuss what makes her charter school unique, the fact that the school just received a 5-year extension on its charter, and the challenges students and families have been dealing with during COVID.

In this in-depth and candid discussion, we discuss lost learning (even at a high-performing school) and how teachers, families, and students alike have dealt with the mental health challenges during the pandemic, the impact of broadband access, and of course the Gov.’s masking mandates. If you are concerned about education in New Mexico, don’t miss this conversation.

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  1. I appreciate this interview. I have been a donor to the Barney Charter School in the past. I will be helping EVCS again. This schools priorities are spot on. We have 3 children who are teachers in N.M. I have watched the state manage the funding for education for years and throwing money is and or can be good, but this does not necessarily fix things. The graphs and studies prove this out over and over again. I’m all for school choice and I firmly believe the funding for those children should follow them.

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