Tipping Point NM 294 Michael Johnson – Energy Reliability in New Mexico and Texas

On this week’s podcast interview Paul sits down with Michael Johnson to discuss energy reliability both in Texas AND New Mexico.

Recently Texas suffered from serious energy reliability failures, but a decade ago many New Mexicans went without natural gas for days during one of the coldest times in recent memory. Michael Johnson is a New Mexican. He wrote the definitive report on what happened in New Mexico a decade ago.

Johnson, a member of ERCOT for several years in the ’90s, has also studied what happened in Texas and what caused the recent outages.

Johnson’s experience includes serving as the CEO of Conoco Gas and Power, the midstream business of Conoco Inc., and early 2000s, he was also Chairman of the Natural Gas Supply Association headquartered in DC for several years over the same period, which represents large natural gas producers.