Tipping Point NM episode 311: NM “totally reopens,” NM’s COVID performance, and a big downtown hotel is closed

NM didn’t quite get to its 60% vaccination rate, but the Gov. says NM will be “totally reopened” on July 1. This is welcome news, but it’s also not really true (not for our children, yet).

Now that COVID IS receding as an issue, the debate will be over Gov. MLG’s performance during the pandemic. Paul cites a national report to show why he believes she did a poor job.

Speaking of COVID performance, NM’s Education Secretary Stewart recently took a “victory lap” on COVID 19. Again, the data don’t seem to back him up. 

The Biden Administration wants your kids (as young as 12) to push their friends and families to take the vaccine. 

One of the largest and most prominent hotels in New Mexico is totally shuttered. 

Did a federal judge just unleash a new era of energy-driven prosperity in New Mexico?

While the State of New Mexico and its citizens may benefit from oil and gas jobs, MLG wants to impose ethanol and other supposedly “green” fuels on drivers during the next legislative session.