Tipping Point NM Episode 443: Debate Analysis, Ronchetti at UPS, NEE and PNM/Avangrid, CA outlaws gas heat

KOB TV Debate wrap up and discussion;

Further breakdown of the ABQ Journal responses of both candidates.

MLG rescinds order relating to public health used in Ronchetti ad.

RGF makes news due to Governor candidate Mark Ronchetti’s visit to UPS facility. RGF weighs in.

A local Starbucks votes to unionize.

There is zero evidence the recent hurricane to hit Florida is the result of global warming; In fact, the end of August saw the development of NO named storms. There were no tropical storms or hurricanes in the month of August in 1961 (pre-satellite era) and 1997.

Credit where credit is due to the New Energy Economy on PNM/Avangrid merger.

As NM shuts down coal plants to defeat climate change, China builds MUCH more.

California Air Resources Board to prohibit natural gas heaters/furnaces (will MLG follow suit if elected?).