Tipping Point NM episode 446: Brian Domitrovic – Taxes Have Consequences

On this week’s interview Paul talks to Brian Domitrovic a scholar with the Laffer Institute about his new book, “Taxes Have Consequences: the definitive history of the income tax on the economy.”

Paul and Brian talk about Arthur Laffer and the basics of the Laffer Curve. They move on to a history of the income tax in the United States and how various presidents (and congresses) either improved or destroyed the American economy through their various income taxation policies. We also discuss how states can and should improve their own economic situations by completely eliminating income taxation.

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One Reply to “Tipping Point NM episode 446: Brian Domitrovic – Taxes Have Consequences”

  1. ” A 6 percent state tax rate is suicide.” Comment by author about NM TAX rate.

    “States are dividing between those with state income taxes and those without. Those with will become the new rust belt states.”

    Excellent interview. Consider having more author guests.

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