Tipping Point NM Episode 530: Bidenomics, Increasing the Price of Public Works Projects, Best and Worst States

On this week’s conversation Paul and Wally discuss. a recent opinion piece highlighting the fact that the environmental left doesn’t care about “democracy” or even addressing CO2 emissions.

President Biden was in Albuquerque recently touting “Bidenomics.” In reality his economic policies have been a complete failure.

Speaking of that, a new rule from the Biden Administration will increase the price of roads and other public works projects. During that same trip he also placed some of the best uranium available in the US off limits to development.

A new study claims NewMexico is the very worst state to live in. Are they right? Paul and Wally often criticize the New Mexico government, but they have a lot to say about this report.

Finally, while the Gov. is pushing to force New Mexicans to buy electric cars, she is having the state buy a plane (partially for her use).