Tipping Point NM episode 554: Election Day Preview, Free Bus Study Problems, ABQ City Council “Donation” Case has Merit and more

It’s election day. Here are some of the important issues and races being voted on in New Mexico and nationwide.

The City of Albuquerque Council will be voting on whether to make “free buses” a “permanent” program this Wednesday. A City report downplays the impact the program has had on crime rates, but in reality does nothing of the sort.

Our case against ABQ City Council’s “donation” to Planned Parenthood has merit according to the judge.

According to the Washington Post home schooling grew dramatically in the wake of the COVID pandemic but not especially in New Mexico (according to the best available data).

Inflation has hit New Mexicans when it comes to car insurance.

Stories questioning the merits of EV’s are coming fast and furious.