Tipping Point NM Episode 555: Index of State Education Freedom with Andrew Handel

On this week’s interview Paul interviews Andrew Handel, Director, Education and Workforce Development Task Force of the American Legislative Exchange Council about the new report of which he is lead author, “Index of State Education Freedom: A 50-State Guide to Parental Empowerment.”

Paul and Andrew discuss various aspects of educational freedom and its components. New Mexico is not 50th or even 51st in this index of educational freedom, but how does it perform and what metrics does it do well on and which of them need work especially given the State’s poor education outcomes.

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One Reply to “Tipping Point NM Episode 555: Index of State Education Freedom with Andrew Handel”

  1. As usual I was unable to download the index, which is created by a group that supports conservative legislators and legislation and defines freedom as being able to ban the right books. I don’t agree with a lot of the opinions expressed by young people at some of our best schools but they are young people after all. I still think the best quality schools are generally the places where the best and the brightest go to
    study. The RGG thinks homeschooling and education by evangelists is something that should be desired over our admittedly imperfect public educational system, God knows why.

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