Tipping Pooint NM episode 543 Pete Dinelli – Homeless Policy and Issues

On this week’s interview Paul talks to Pete Dinelli. Dinelli has a long track record of public service. He’s an unapologetic progressive Democrat and blogs at: https://www.petedinelli.com/

Paul and Pete discuss homeless policy in Albuquerque and some of the issues surrounding it. They also discuss a lot of data surrounding homelessness and the numerous factors that make homeless policy so difficult to implement successfully.

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2 Replies to “Tipping Pooint NM episode 543 Pete Dinelli – Homeless Policy and Issues”

  1. Please do what Jesus commanded, love your neighbor the same as you love yourself. This will change everything, we will be guided and blessed with the best solutions to the homeless solutions if we just do what Jesus said and not waste any more time talking about it, please.

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