Total Economic Ignorance

“The only way for someone to get richer is for someone else to get poorer. In an adversarial system the adversaries are workers and capitalists.”

Sounds like Karl Marx to me. It’s also a completely and factually inaccurate statement that can be proven so. After all, if the only way for one person to get rich is for someone to get “screwed,” then how has society progressed at all? Or, are we all living some kind of fantasy believing that our life spans have lengthened and we’re no longer going to the bathroom in outdoor pits? For answers to these and many more questions, you should talk to comrade Guy Watson who wrote this incredibly ignorant article in the Albuquerque Journal.

Perhaps the most absurd idea to take from Watson’s screed is that inventors from Thomas Edison to Bill Gates somehow take from the rest of us in order to earn their fortunes. In reality, it is the inventions of these and others who enable us to be productive so that an overwhelming number of us have homes with running water, color tv’s, and the internet. I’m not sure what Watson is smoking.

As an aside, it seems that there have been an awful lot of articles in the Journal from current and former professors at UNM. An overwhelming majority have been from a far left perspective. It would seem that UNM is offering a full-employment plan for left wing professors and that this is yet another reason to cut taxpayer funding and force it and other universities to compete in a free market.

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3 Replies to “Total Economic Ignorance”

  1. Paul, after following politics, policies, laws and comments that come from the left for many years, I am conviced that there is some type of genetic defect that prevents them from understanding Austrian Economics, Milton Friedman, Hayek and the like. The Keynesian’s all seem to share this genetic flaw. It is just a shame that the rest of us have to suffer through the trials and tribulations as we prove again and again the folly of John Maynard Keynes and his ideas on economics.

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