Toyota Chairman skeptical of EV’s as “alarm bells ring” over slowing sales

While Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham continues her headlong push to mandate EV’s and we continue our Keep your Cars NM campaign which allows you to push back, news stories run in the national media nearly daily highlighting serious issues with MLG’s policies.

The first story here involves the Chairman of Toyota beinig confirmed correct in having skepticism about EV’s. According to the story from,

Slowing sales vindicate his resistance to EVs, and that “people are finally seeing reality” about the technology.

The CEO pointed to slowing growth in the U.S. as proof that his company’s reticence towards EVs was correct. “There are many ways to climb the mountain that is achieving carbon neutrality,” he told reporters at the Japan Mobility Show this week.

MLG OBVIOUSLY knows more about the car industry than the Chairman of Toyota, so we’re sure she will not be deterred in her push for EV’s.

And then there’s this story via Reuters, the headline of which is “More alarm bells sound on slowing demand for electric vehicles.” Here are a few  notable highlights, “We’re taking immediate steps to enhance the profitability of our EV portfolio and adjust to slowing near-term growth,” GM CEO Mary Barra told analysts.

“U.S. automaker Ford earlier this month said it would temporarily cut one of three shifts at the plant that builds its electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck, and in July slowed its EV ramp-up, shifting investment to commercial vehicles and hybrids.”