Trever cartoon gets NM Legislature dynamic

In case you missed the following cartoon from the Albuquerque Journal this weekend, it is worth a look:

For a more detailed understanding of how the Senate is holding up progress in New Mexico, check out our new website which tracks all bills that have passed the House and have not been acted upon in the Senate via Michael Sanchez Bill Kill.

Of course, I predicted this state of affairs prior to the legislative session.

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One Reply to “Trever cartoon gets NM Legislature dynamic”

  1. This tactic was planned from the beginning. Also, the House Dems are still reeling from the fact they are no longer the majority. All I personally would like to see if we could at least get off the bottom of all the good lists and the top of all the bad lists. You would think NM would really start to feel ashamed of the sad shape of our State. All one hears is “we are such a poor State”. Instead of meaningful reform all they seem to do, including our governor, is put their hand out to the Federal Government. What a sad bunch.

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