Trever Gets it (and he seems to be reading our work)

If you read the Albuquerque Journal, then you know that their cartoonist, John Trever, is normally spot-on with his cartoons. One recent cartoon from Sunday’s paper in particular caught my eye. That’s because Trever’s cartoon showed the bloat in higher education. See cartoon below:

Of course, our own analyst, Scott Moody, has written extensively on New Mexico’s bloated government bureaucuracy and even pointed out in this study that higher education in particular is a bloated sector of government. See table one of this study.

Notably, Scott Moody who normally resides in New Hampshire is in town right now and will be speaking at a public forum on the issue of government employment, pay, and pensions Tuesday night. More information on that event can be found here. This issue is too important to overlook. I hope you’ll try to come out to learn how we can tackle this problem.

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