Two Great Articles in Today’s (Feb 12) Journal

The first must-read article is Minority Leader Tom Taylor’s excellent discussion of the need for constitutional spending lmits here in New Mexico. Regular readers and followers of the Foundation are undoubtedly aware that we’ve made tax and spending limits the centerpiece of our long-term strategy for transforming New Mexico from an economic weakling dependant on handouts from Washington into a powerhouse.
The second article involves Sandoval County’s misadventures in government-run broadband. Unfortunately, a subscription is necessary for that article, but here are a few choice quotes:

“The County is more than two years and almost $3 million deep into the project;”

“So far, no links in the network have been proven reliable for long periods;” and

(The group tasked with creating the network) “have not provided a clear picture of where the $2.8 million spent so far on the project has actually gone.”