Udall vs. Pearce on Spending

It is no secret that Tom Udall is fairly liberal and Steve Pearce is rather conservative. But, without having each of them take the quiz I discussed in this recent post, it may be hard to tell just how conservative or liberal they really are. Well, my former colleagues over at the National Taxpayers Union Foundation have produced an interesting report that contains some answers.
According to a new report that tallies up the taxing and spending agendas of the two candidates, Udall Would Boost the federal budget by $25.3 Billion while Pearce would increase it by $345 Million. Certainly, there is plenty of room to cut federal spending and both candidates should be ashamed for desiring an even bigger federal government, but Udall’s desire to spend an additional $25.3 billion seems particularly astounding. With federal spending haven grown out of control in recent years (thanks to the efforts of both parties), the need for Congress to tighten its belt is long overdue.