Ugly COVID 19 federal spending bill specifically prohibits $$ for school choice

Congress has passed a very ugly, bloated, pork-laden “stimulus” (you can read all 5,000+ pages here). Many of the details have been discussed extensively elsewhere.

One of the most troubling aspects of the bill is that it explicitly prohibits funds from being used for educational alternatives to help children whose schools have been shuttered since last March and have been stuck with ineffective “virtual” programs since then. Just which special interest group might have had the political power to get THAT provision inserted?


Here is the actual text of the prohibition from the legislation.



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3 Replies to “Ugly COVID 19 federal spending bill specifically prohibits $$ for school choice”

  1. Parents need to systematically remove their children from the teacher union-controlled public education system and take the responsibility to use alternative methods. By removing their children’s butts from the seats that set the basis for educational funding the message will be sent. We need to vote with our actions because obviously, Democrat control does not represent the betterment of children’s education. Will it be hard? Absolutely, but that is part of being a responsible parent.

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