Understanding MLG-nomics

Joe Biden has “Bidenomics: the taking on of debt, rising inflation, and impoverishment of average citizens to support preferred industries and special interests (see the Inflation Reduction Act).

Gov. Lujan Grisham has her own version of Bidenomics which we’re calling “MLG-nomics.” While the Albuquerque Journal has a fawning article detailing all of the numerous “green” projects going on around New Mexico, the reality is that MLG’s entire economic strategy appears to be to use massive revenues created by the booming oil and gas industry to pump up her preferred “green” projects and Hollywood.

The good. news is MLG’s plans are not as reliant on debt as Biden’s, but the bad news is that New Mexico remains among the poorest states in America with a failing education system, high crime, and numerous other challenges that COULD be addressed with the money flowing into the State. Instead, MLG’s friends in her preferred industries will make out very well at the expense of both federal and state taxpayers and the economic future of New Mexico.

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