Unintended Candy Crunches

Chuck Muth reports yesterday:
“School administrators at Austin High School in Austin, Texas, latched onto this new obesity fad/crisis and decided to remove all the candy vending machines on campus. In light of the decision, some enterprising students have stepped into the breach and filled the need.
‘The candy removal plan, according to students at Austin High, was thwarted by classmates who created an underground candy market, turning the hallways of the high school into Willy-Wonka-meets-Casablanca,’ reports the Austin American-Statesman. ‘Soon after candy was removed from vending machines, enterprising students armed with gym bags full of M&M’s, Skittles, Snickers and Twix became roving vendors, serving classmates in need of an in-school sugar fix. Regular-size candy bars like the ones sold in vending machines routinely sold in the halls for $1.50.’
The paper notes that some kids are said to be making $200 a week selling black-market candy in the school’s halls and bathrooms.”
Questions about when this happens in New Mexico:
Will it be exempt from the food tax? After all, candy is a prepared food. Looks like Tax and Rev may have to begin hallway patrols.
How about the entrepreneurs? Aren’t they contributing to the obesity of minors? Looks like APD will have to step up their hallway patrols.
Are these entrepreneurs licensed? Looks like the PRC may have to begin hallway patrols.