Union “Card Check” Rule a Fantasy Win for Big Government

The upcoming election is being fought over a number of issues: Iraq, health care, taxes, and an array of social and cultural issues like age and race as well. One of the subtexts of the election that is not being discussed is so-called “card check” legislation that would give labor unions an ace in the hole when it comes to organizing.
Card check is an effort by the unions to replace secret ballot elections with simple “card checks” by union bosses as a tool for organizing. Certainly, those who so often espouse the greatness of “democracy” would be expected to support the most democratic method of decision-making possible when it comes to forcing the employees of a particular business to join a union. Unfortunately, when self-interest is concerned and expanded membership is concerned, democracy flies out the window.
I’m glad that presidential and congressional elections are private and anonymous. I certainly wouldn’t want to have to vote with union thugs looking over my shoulder and neither should those who work for Wal Mart or any other business.
Unfortunately, New Mexico’s House of Representatives is trying to push Congress in this economically-harmful, anti-democratic direction. It passed a “House Memorial” in 2008 urging Congress to pass the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act” which would impose Card Check.