Unions lose, taxpayers win in Wisconsin

The results from the recall election in Wisconsin are in and, Gov. Scott Walker and the Republicans who courageously pressed a reform agenda (at great savings to taxpayers) have won the day. Read the full story here.

This is good news for reformers here in New Mexico and across the country. After all, reform is sure to be controversial and will trigger a backlash. The truth is that voters by and large stuck with the reformers.

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One Reply to “Unions lose, taxpayers win in Wisconsin”

  1. As a retired state worker I would like to see the unions kicked out of state gov’t. I opposed them as an employee..I had to pay THEM to keep my job…I got my job based on MY merits..I kept my job based on MY work..they did nothing to enhance me or my working conditions…I wonder how current employees like seeing money taken from their checks for this. It was just a ploy by “BIG BILL” to furher his re-election.

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