United Van Lines Report: More bad news for NM economy

As if our job losses, lack of economic freedom, and poor education system were not enough, United Van Lines (a major moving company) has produced a report showing that New Mexico is the only state in the west seeing a significant outflow of people. Check the report out here. KOB TV also covered the story here.

According to the report: The top-five outbound states for 2012 were:
New Jersey
West Virginia
New York
New Mexico

The top-five inbound states of 2012 were:
District of Columbia
North Carolina
South Carolina

Not surprisingly, none of the five “outbound states” are Right to Work while three of the five “inbound” are. Washington, DC is almost unfair to include because their economy is based on stolen (or at least the forcible extraction) of money from the rest of us. Our leaders are in Santa Fe right now. Are they discussing any dramatic pro-economic-growth reforms that will get New Mexico out of the doldrums?

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2 Replies to “United Van Lines Report: More bad news for NM economy”

  1. While New Mexico is a wonderful state, it is not a wonderful place to make a living if you are a worker or small business. It doesn’t take much to travel to surrounding states and see what is going on and how we could grow. But it seems like our legislators would rather sit on their duffs and throw stones at the Governor. The only real solution is draconion term limits for the House and Senate (along with Mayors, Councillors, Sheriffs and dog catchers)

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