Update: New Mexico Republican Congressional Candidates Support ObamaCare Repeal

Yesterday, I urged voters to get Congressional candidates on the record in favor of appealing ObamaCare. Well (thanks to the Mullins campaign for this), it turns out that the good folks at the Club for Growth have already been doing this.

They have a website set up which displays the names of candidates for Congress that have pledged to vote to repeal ObamaCare. First and foremost, kudos to the Club for Growth for doing this important work. Secondly, I was very pleased to see that all three Republicans running for the House in November have signed on with the Club in support of repeal. This is great news and an indicator that this crop of Republican House candidates is serious about limited government.

Now, how about it Rep. Teague? You voted against ObamaCare twice. Were those just political votes or do you actually oppose the federal health care takeover? If so, how about signing the repeal pledge?

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