US Carbon Emissions Decline; China’s Boom

America’s natural gas boom has helped lead to a dramatic decline in carbon emissions in the United States. Rather than pursuing “green” energy technologies that are simply not ready for prime-time, the US government should just allow US suppliers to assist China with the transition to cleaner, more-efficient energy sources? After all, the free market incentivizes efficiency in ways that governments never can. Could China one day be buying large quantities of New Mexico natural gas?

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One Reply to “US Carbon Emissions Decline; China’s Boom”

  1. Yes. It could. But apparently, China has some of the largest shale deposits in the world that likely have large quantities of natural gas also. So…once they get the process down for extracting that gas themselves, they should be able produce for there own domestic needs. In the mean time, we should be marketing gas to the world, as we did with oil a number of years ago. USA used to be the largest exporter of crude in the world, before other monster fields were discovered in the Middle East and elsewhere.

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