Use free market to save endangered species

Yesterday I wrote about the sand dunes lizard and the potential negative impact its listing on the endangered species list could have for New Mexico. Interestingly enough, a recent study from the island nation of Palau finds that the economic impact of an individual shark to that island’s economy is $1.9 million.

I’ve written before about how markets have been used to revitalize endangered the bison in the US. It would appear that similar efforts may be attempted with regard to sharks, but of course the oceans are a “commons” and thus susceptible to the associated problems of “commons.”

If environmentalists feel so strongly about the sand dunes lizard, perhaps they should raise funds and buy the habitat? Of course, as long as the federal government and the state control, the free market will be hindered in prioritizing how land should be used and what species people actually want to save.

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2 Replies to “Use free market to save endangered species”

  1. “Each town should have a park, or rather a primitive forest, of five hundred or a thousand acres, where a stick should never be cut for fuel, a common possession forever, for instruction and recreation.” [Journal, 15 October 1859] Henry David Thoreau

    1. I’m not sure how that would be done. I think by their nature, wild areas are going to be relatively removed from urban areas.

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