Using “Our Collective Brilliance” to Combat the Global Warming Catastrophe

Global warmer Nicholas Stern’s lecture is summarized by Riley Still:

Paraphrasing the lecture’s meaning as best I can: We’ve got a colossal, very complex problem, that fortunately the scientific community of computer modelers has discovered for us, that involves everybody and everything, and we’ve got to study every economic, scientific, and political alternative, using our collective brilliance and political strength to collaborate internationally, involving developed countries, developing countries, and other countries to find and implement every solution that game theorists, economists, scientists, and politicians everywhere can devise to be instituted to adapt to and to mitigate effects of this coming global catastrophe.

Thank goodness the Internet has already been invented! Brilliant minds can now focus on the forthcoming catastrophe.
I hate to mention one small problem: computer modelers have been unable to predict the past. But that is just a small problem since they obviously know exactly what to crank into their forward looking models. And because of their brilliance we know they won’t make any errors in coordinating everything that needs to be coordinated.
Thanks to Fred Singer for the link.