Victory for New Mexico Property Owners!

Buried in all the hub-bub of a busy legislative session and Governor Richardson’s calls for a special session (not to mention the US attorney scandal), the eminent domain issue has been on the back-burner for many in the media and the punditry class.
Thankfully, despite a rocky road to success, Governor Richardson has signed legislation providing protections for New Mexico property owners. Protections for property owners were among the Foundation’s top priorities for the 2007 legislative session.
Considering the importance of the issue and the controversy that ensued after Richardson vetoed eminent domain protections the last year, it is hard to believe the Governor is not making more hay out of his successful effort to pass protections for property owners. He didn’t even send out a press release.
No matter what, it is a good day for private property in New Mexico.
Text of the legislation can be found here.