Voter guide to ABQ local election (and a note about Santa Fe)

Local elections are very important in New Mexico and early voting begins in earnest on October 21st (click for a list of locations). Turnout  in these races tends to be very low, so it is  critical to  get to the polls and vote.

There are city council races in some areas of the City. While RGF cannot endorse candidates we have worked with the HELP coalition which does that here. HELP is a coalition of businesses and pro-economic growth people who want to move Albuquerque forward on crime and the economy. You can listen to a podcast with Carol Wight of the NM Restaurant Association (with HELP)  about important issues in the City. 

Here is a list of candidates for APS school board. The union DID endorse candidates and you can bet that anyone endorsed by the union is NOT an education reformer. 

Sample ballots for Bernalillo County are available here.

RGF has consistently advocated for “no” votes on bonds because your property taxes WILL go down if a bond is voted down. Rarely in recent memory have bonds been voted down.

Santa Fe voters will face a proposal to levy a 3% tax on the sale of homes in the City sold for over $1 million. As RGF has explained previously this is a terrible idea that will not solve or even seriously address the City’s housing situation.

Bernalillo County Clerk: 2022 General Election Update #5 - YouTube