Wal-Mart as an anti-poverty campaign

While Richardson bashes Wal-Mart for offering “substandard” wages and health care benefits, millions have been lifted out of poverty by Wal-Mart, in China, other developing nations, even in the US. Why would Richardson want to prevent New Mexicans from obtaining this kind of benefit? Would we not see similar effects on standard of living here in New Mexico, with low prices stretching the dollar further and decent wages for those who choose to work at a local branch?

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  1. This seems unbelievable that today people are argueing that wal-mart has raised anyone out of poverty. I dont mean to bash America or Americans but the foreign policy of the U.S. government, appertaining to giant companies stripping the natural resources of small developing countries to cater for the needs of a small board of members. Whenever a conglomerate or multinational achieves global status they take from the cheapest source, i.e an underdeveloped nation, and take their resources for far below what would be considered a ‘fair’ price, and then publically clap themselves on the back for “their service to the developing world”.
    It is all smoke and mirrors that no-one should believe. Multinationals and global corporations are not, nor will ever be humanitarian, it is not in their interest.

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