Wallethub: New Mexico 46th best state for doctors

According to the latest Wallethub report New Mexico ranks as the 46th best state for doctors. Considering the fact that New Mexico remains in a medical provider shortage policymakers should be focused on making the state as attractive as possible for doctors and other medical providers. Some factors contained in the study are easier to address than others. And, during the 2023 session both the gross receipts tax and medical malpractice issues were at least partially addressed.

However, New Mexico clearly still has a long way to go to be more attractive for doctors. While the variables in this report are solid, doctors want good schools and low crime. Low taxes especially on income would also be attractive for doctors. New Mexico could and should be addressing all of these issues, but isn’t.

When a doctor looks at the Southwest and sees: AZ at 25, CO at 21, TX at 17, OK at 15, and UT at 4, New Mexico is going to struggle to attract doctors.

Source: WalletHub