Wallethub: New Mexico’s unemployment among slowest to recover nationwide

As Gov. MLG prepares further lockdown measures for New Mexico’s economy, a new Wallethub report shows that New Mexico (which is already poor and suffers from relatively elevated unemployment) is not recovering from the COVID 19 economic interruption as fast as other states.

In fact, since the start of 2020 NM is as seen the 2nd-worst recovery in unemployment claims since January.

The following shows NM’s performance on unemployment last week vs the same week in 2019.

Given the Gov.’s approach to the Virus and increasing spread (but not deaths), we expect further restrictions on New Mexico’s economy to be imposed this afternoon in addition to what she’s already done this week.

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2 Replies to “Wallethub: New Mexico’s unemployment among slowest to recover nationwide”

  1. Watching, over the last 7 months, I’ve come to the conclusion the shutdown and opening up does nothing to let one know how well the State is doing in getting a head of the virus. looking at the stats there is a never ending cycle of opens and shuts! With both the virus and people. The stat showing how we are doing is; open, with masking , physical distancing and testing. Once the virus start to recede or trend downward, we would have positive trend people can see. With this, more people are going to try harder or come forward, if they are infected to get things in the open. Right now, it’s just a game being played, with little or no science behind it. One would think, 7 month what to do to prevent the virus, people know what to do! If they saw a downward turn, I would like to think, people would self enforce the recommendations, instead of being insulted by the Governor.

  2. I finally learned of someone in my personal sphere who has had the virus — seven months into it. That person had no symptoms. I think I read that 2020 is on track to have fewer deaths of all kinds nationally than 2019 or 2018. Strange.

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