Wallethub report: New Mexico unemployment is worst in nation AND worsening as MLG locks down

Wallethub has continued to track (and we have continued to report) on the “recovery” in New Mexico’s unemployment situation during the COVID crisis.

According to their report released today, New Mexico’s unemployment insurance claims since this time last year are worse than any other state besides Kansas.

Also, New Mexico has recovered the least among states since the start of 2020.

Finally, illustrating the negative impact of Gov. Lujan Grisham’s recent shutdown policies, New Mexico’s unemployment saw the worst week-over-week increase over the prior week.

Source: WalletHub
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2 Replies to “Wallethub report: New Mexico unemployment is worst in nation AND worsening as MLG locks down”

  1. Along with THEE highest unemployment rate in the nation, we also are one of the poorest too. Our school system is tanked at the bottom Three in the nation! The solutions here in NM are to give Netflix a very sweet deal in hopes that they will actually come through with their promises of prosperity to our state. Read it for yourselves, unbelievable.! Another is to give million$ and million$ of dollar$$ to a company that is contracted to build luxurious housing , along with other luxury trimmings at Winrock Center mall, even though right now or in the future most people aren’t even able to buy food for their families !! How is this right or even ethical ? Someone should have some explaining to do. Another thing is the malls are closed to the public for the most part so who exactly is or will be benefitting from all those millions of dollars being thrown at this contracting company ? Uh huh

    1. You are 100% correct. Things will not change in this state until a majority of voters wake up and boot out the incompetent and/or corrupt people running the state. We do our level best to expose the problems, but you can lead a horse to water…

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