Watch out! SB 520 “Net-Zero” would destroy New Mexico’s economy

UPDATE: In a bit of a shocker this bill died in its first committee.

A “dummy” bill is a bill in New Mexico’s Legislature that is introduced with no text early in the session so the majority can ram it through later on in the session. It is a bad process, but SB 520 is a worse bill.

The primary impetus behind it is to slash CO2 emissions in New Mexico starting in 2030. by 2030 when the plan is to cut emissions by fifty percent relative to 2005 levels; By 2040, the bill would mandate emissions be cut by seventy-five percent and by 2050 CO2 emissions would be cut by ninety percent.

Is this realistic? It is impossible to say, but notably Gov. MLG will no longer be Gov. in 2030, so she won’t have to deal with the problem.

And, of course New Mexico is more reliant than ever on its oil and gas industry, not to mention all the other industries and individual activities that generate CO2.

And finally, New Mexico may act, even the United States may act to drastically reduce emissions, but China is only increasing the amount of CO2 it emits and they show no signs of cutting back even while the US reduces its emissions.