We could cut taxes, but what if you took a European Vacation?

I knew that my writing (here and here) on the success of tax cuts in driving New Mexico’s economy would eventually get a rise out of some left-wingers. Today, Gerry Bradley of New Mexico Voices for Children rose to the occasion with this article decrying both the Bush and Richardson tax cuts. The gist of Bradley’s article reminds me of Bill Clinton’s quote from some years back “sure, we could cut taxes, but what if you spent your money wrong?”

Bradley seems to assume that anyone who saw their tax burden reduced under the Bush and Richardson tax cuts of the past decade took off for a European vacation and that these cuts had no positive economic impact at home. This is just silly. Richardson’s tax cuts, for example, reduced rates for everyone earning more than $16,000 annually. This hardly qualifies as “rich.” Even those who are earning more money — which includes small business owners — are spending a vast majority of that money here at home in New Mexico, not on vacations overseas.

Lastly, Bradley fails to even address why New Mexico’s personal income level rose above several other states (and has continued to rise even as oil and gas prices have fallen). Yes, we had a housing boom, but so did many other states. He also does not address findings by Arthur Laffer and others that states with no personal income tax are magnets for population and investment. Bradley just doesn’t like tax cuts. He and his cronies at “Voices” would rather have government control all economic output. That is the argument, plain and simple.

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2 Replies to “We could cut taxes, but what if you took a European Vacation?”

  1. Liberal/Progressive Minds cannot unravel themselves from the notion that taxpayers should be responsible for everything! Those without are always somehow better served by those with and the taxing and spending goes on… forever.

    I guess its too difficult for them to recognize the idea that individual liberty bears individual responsibility and that our economic well being arises from within.

    What’s that story from the bible? Something about Give a person a fish and they’ll eat for a day – Teach a person to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime? Yeah, I think that’s how it goes.

    So, if we do the opposite by dumbing down the education system to where people don’t know how to fish (including kids who eventually become adults), then we’ll get opposite results… people who always need a handout not just a hand up.

    The answer is in teaching and learning… there are many ways to do that. The system we have been using is clearly not working. Change the system, improve outcomes and taxing people to death goes away.

  2. Relevant Political Truths
    The following is a summation of insightful implications to keep in mind for the upcoming November 2 midterm election.
    Envy and covetness in politics, is shortsighted, stupid, immoral and wicked.
    Class warfare is a rhetorical device meant to destroy the drive and initiative of the citizens of free society.
    The Progressive income tax system has class warfare as an underlying assumption.
    The opening of the Declaration of Independence, We the people, contains no division. Equality before the law, is a natural right. The application of any law should apply to all citizens equally.
    The foundation of United States of America was built with deference to God.
    Our heritage is of a Judeo Christian Lineage.
    Our values are those of Abraham, Moses, Jesus.
    Their values helped create Western civilization. Western civilization in all ramifications, religious, financial, militarily, artistically and philosophically became standard of the world.
    Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are God-given rights that no nation, legislature, state or tyrant can rightfully take away.
    Taxation that exceeds God’s expectation to his kingdom is tyranny. Taxes should not exceed the expectation of the Almighty in his Kingdom. 10% is enough for all government,at all levels, en total.
    Keynesianism benefits the political class, but only in the short-term.
    Freedom, the rule of law, personal responsibility and common sense are the mother’s milk to economic prosperity.
    The market always works even if it is forced underground, the black market.
    Charity is an expectation set forth by God. A person with no charity has no place in the kingdom of God.
    Forced charity is coercion and tryanny.” When you are in the service of your fellow man, you are only in the service of your God”
    The United States of America, is where the world looks to for relief in times trouble and stress. We are, the city on the Hill, the Beacon of Liberty and the lamp unto the paths of righteousness.
    We make no apology for the defense of our liberties and freedoms. We seek the alliance of like minded countries and stand ready to help against all adversaries of our God-given rights.
    To the principles and laws found in the Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution and to the sacrifice of our forefathers and our honored dead, we offer our lives, our sacred honor and the full measure of our last breath of devotion.

    Forrest W. Byers

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