We told you so (Albuquerque’s mail-in election debacle)

The mail-in election in Albuquerque is turning into a debacle with more than 10 percent of votes being thrown out due to lack of signatures. Democrats are saying “count every vote” and are naturally critical of City Clerk Amy Bailey.

Of course, we were critical of the process at the outset and recognize that voting entirely by mail is problematic and should probably be abandoned entirely.

Rather than just blindly counting every vote in what is clearly a problematic process, how about just tossing the entire election out and putting the issue on the ballot at a time when turnout might be more respectable and when voters can show up in person? Just a thought and throwing out the election seems to be no further beyond the bounds of city law than “counting every vote” in a way that clearly violates the law.

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5 Replies to “We told you so (Albuquerque’s mail-in election debacle)”

  1. Maybe those Democrats who voted against getting rid of the social promotion of third graders who can’t read ought to reconsider. So thousands did not sign the ballot. Wonder how many of those thousands can’t read?!

  2. It’s ironic that the left (they aren’t liberal and they aren’t progressive) are the ones who caused this election to be held for partisan reasons and now they complain.

  3. Maybe the RGF is looking at the election-by-mail the wrong way. Wouldn’t it be nice if voters needed to be able to understand and comply with simple instructions to have their votes counted? Reading and complying with the instructions included with the ballot was not difficult….do we always have to base everything on the lowest common denominator?

    1. It would be nice. Unfortunately, the “lowest common denominator” phenomenon is the biggest problem with voting itself. All you need is a pulse to show up and threaten your neighbors with violence if they don’t do what want.

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