Wealth Will Help Us Survive Climate Change

The Journal’s Business Outlook section had a nice story (subscription required) about a recent talk given here in Albuquerque by Robert L. Bradley Jr. of the Institute for Energy Research. Bradley’s main point (as disucussed in the article) was that our economy, because it is relatively free market and wealthy, can cope with what climate change occurs. Rather than panicking about a degree or two degree increase in global temperatures — whether it is human caused or not — we would be much better off devising ways to make sure our people can cope with the potential problems of global climate change.
Omitted from the Journal article was another important point made by Bradley, that is that ethanol and other so-called “alternative energy sources” are not really viable as replacements for the current suite of fossil fuels. Unfortunately, as Bradley made clear for the specific benefit of the Domenici and Bingaman staffers present, New Mexico’s Senators don’t seem to have gotten this message. In fact, legislation now being pushed by the Senators would again expand the alternative biofuels mandate.
Thanks to the New Mexico Prosperity Project for putting on an excellent event.