Weh ad nails Udall on ObamaCare

It is that time of year when the deluge of political ads becomes too much to bear. Part of the problem is that so many of these ads make wild claims and accusations that just don’t hold water or they take one statement, perhaps made years or decades ago, and twist it to the point where voters just tune them out. So, it is refreshing to see a political ad that relies on facts and even the statements of the opposing candidate in making the point. Those statements reveal an honest and real difference between the candidates on policy.

Allen Weh’s ad on Sen. Tom Udall’s support for ObamaCare is one fact-based ad that seems like it should be a template for conservatives running against liberal incumbents around the country. The ad is below:

This is all good. And, within the span of a 30 second political ad, it is about all that can be achieved. The bad news is that Weh hasn’t exactly fleshed out a lot of specifics in terms of what he’d like to see done to reform health care. On his website, his position is stated simply “Fixing the healthcare train wreck we’ve got now.” To his credit, Weh has stated elsewhere that he would repeal ObamaCare.