Weigh In on New Mexico’s “Comprehensive Health Plan”

Socialists and government bureaucrats have a knack for framing policy discussions in terms of more or less socialism rather than emphasizing individual freedom. This has certainly been the case in the debate over health care. Now, the state wants input on a “Comprehensive Health Plan” and is holding meetings around the state to get public comments.
Certainly, those of us who understand how markets and individual freedom work will probably be turned off by the very concept of a “comprehensive” plan put forth with the state intimately involved in the process. After all, we’d rather have a dispersed and decentralized health care “system” in which individuals retain control over such important decisions. Nonetheless, if advocates of free markets and less government involvement in health care ignore such meetings, we have no excuse when the socialists make policies we don’t like.
If you can’t go to the meeting, you can offer your comments here.