Welcome to the New and Improved Errors of Enchantment!

If you have ever been to this blog before, it should be readily apparent that the site has been changed quite dramatically. We have shifted from MoveAble Type to WordPress which I’m told is better and more modern. I certainly think the site’s appearance has been improved dramatically. I’d be interested in your thoughts, so please feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks to our intern Jason Foral and to Pat Riley at Ovationsolutions, our internet provider and technological advisors.

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2 Replies to “Welcome to the New and Improved Errors of Enchantment!”

  1. Looks nice, clean. It could use the nifty RSS/Twitter buttons on the side for easy access to the feeds.
    Also, the comment feature is nice but the name and email address might dissuade people for posting. But, that might be a good thing.

  2. Congratulations and kudos to the interns and blog designers who worked on this magical transformation, they have done a very good job at organizing the information and making it easily accessible.

    With regard to Mr. Varnson’s comment, I think that since last names are not required and emails are not published, the comments will keep coming in. And for those who would not comment because of those requirements, they can always send a letter to RGF, PO Box 40336, ABQ 87120. 🙂

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