We’re number one….in federal dependency

We all know that New Mexico relies heavily on federal spending and according to a report from WalletHub which I happened to run across, New Mexico is THE MOST RELIANT state in the nation when it comes to federal money beating out even Mississippi which came in 49th (or 2nd depending on perspective).

Source: WalletHub

Source: WalletHub

There’s no doubt that New Mexico needs to build its private sector economy. Gov. Martinez’s reforms were thwarted by the hostile Democrat-controlled Senate during the 2015 session. Will the status quo persist in the 30 day 2016 session?

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  1. The Alb Journal recently reported that the Kirtland AFB tenants contribute 7.5 BILLION to the local economy each year. For those who are recent arrivals to NM, Kirtland was placed on the base closing list in the 1990’s. NM, at that time, had two extremely powerful U.S. Senators (Domenici and Bingaman) who successfully fought the proposal and saved Kirtland. If the same occurred today, our Congressional delegation might not have the same success.

    Imagine what Albuquerque would look like if Kirtland closed. That’s just one example of the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads with our dependence on federal spending.

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