Western New Mexico University’s EV charging status

In our ongoing efforts to shed light on issues relating to electric vehicles (EV) and EV charging stations at public facilities across New Mexico, here is the response from Western New Mexico University:

How many total EV charging stations are there at WNMU’s various campuses?

Western New Mexico University will have a total of four (4) EV charging stations at our Main Campus in Silver City, NM.  None of the chargers are operational at this time as final installation is set to be completed by this spring. There are no EV charging stations at any of our other sites.

What “level” are these stations (1, 2, or 3)?

The EV charging stations are level 3 (the fastest type).

What was the cost of each unit?

The cost of each unit, to include installation, is $101,682.91.  Of the project total cost ($406,731.64), $200,000 was covered by a donation from Freeport McMoRan.

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  1. Well let’s see if they’re being used? And given the grant the cost to reach is only around $50,000. It might be more helpful for all of us to suggest ways that these charging stations can be provided less expensively rather than trying to keep them from being installed. (And to discuss the number of unnecessary expenses incurred by the President of WNMU.) But it does seem like they’re putting the cart before the horse when there are still so few electric vehicles registered in New Mexico. And I expect even fewer and Silver City where Western New Mexico University is.

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